mardi 12 septembre 2017

PC for the observatory

Few months ago, I changed my PC at the observatory. I run with it all my equipment including the weather station - so the PC stays up and running all the time.

As several have asked me about the model & configuration, here are some details.

The PC is a JetWay JBC375:

Here is the detail of my order:

Note that I initially received it with only 2GB RAM and I found it was sometimes slow with PRISM v10; with 4GB RAM it runs much smoother!

The hard drive is large for my need but I do not have to remove my old files/acquisition too often so it is convenient.

The computer comes with 4 serial ports (make sure to ask for it), it is important so I could get rid of the USB-to-Serial converter which are not very reliable.

Computer with cover on

Inside the computer (with old 2GB RAM)

Inside the computer

PC serial number

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