vendredi 28 avril 2017

Cumulus and WMR200 Oregon Scientific weather station

With the new PC installed, I am now running the weather station all the time. It is an Oregon Scientific WMR200 rather well equipped weather station but I find it highly unstable. I am running it with CUMULUS software which is basic but does the job.
Too many times hardware interface somehow disconnects and the software hangs up. I have been able to work around this by using a script which kill cumulus application every hour and reboot it; this is the script or batch (cumulstart.bat) which I include in the start menu/directory so it launches when Windows 10 boots up:
cd \Cumulus
echo Before timeouttime /T
timeout /T 3500
echo After timeout
Taskkill /IM cumulus.exe /F
timeout /T 10
START C:\Cumulus\cumulus.exe
goto loop

Otherwise I am doing a web transfer every 15min of the weather data which is available as graphs on:

I changed a little the code for the main page to insert "inside" temperature & humidity (inside the control room where the weather station is located):

    <td colspan="4" class="tableseparator_temp">Temperature and Humidity </td>
  <tr class="td_temperature_data">
    <th>Indoor Temperature</th>
    <td>2,9 &deg;C</td>
    <th>Indoor Relative Humidity</th>
    <td>54 %</td>
  <tr class="td_temperature_data">
    <td>External Temp</td>
    <td>Dew&nbsp;Point </td>

Here are couple of screens available on-line:

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