samedi 5 août 2017

North America 4x4 mosaic

Here is a mosaic of North America I recorded the night of august 4th (automatic observation with Prism v10) using the TV85/NEQ6/ST1603 setup. I acquired a 4x4 mosaic (10x60sec exposures each) to fit this large nebula.

equipment ready for observation

automatic observation with Prism v10

Preprocessing was done with Prism in one clic. To convert all my images to JPG and crop the useful area, I used the following script:
REM Conversion de FITS en JPG pour une mosaique par exemple



REM initialisation des parametres
adddlgbox FileList "Liste fichier FIT a convertir en JPG"

dispdlgbox ModalResult

if (ModalResult=1)

 getdlgbox ListeFile$ NbFile

 for i=1 NbFile
  open img ListeFile[i]$
  Window Img 30 30 1500 990
  autovisu img
  SAVEJPG img ListeFile[i]$+".jpg"
  close img
 next i


Then I simply assembled the JPG images using Windows Image Composite Editor:

resulting image: 5008x3257 pixels
Field of view: 5.14° x 3.34° (7.72 arcsec/pixel)

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