vendredi 6 octobre 2017

Status on V442 And outburst

Couple of days are missing from the monitoring due to weather and not enough geographical coverage. But we still have a nice follow up of the outburst with lower emission level as V+R graph shows but still some variability in the V/R ratio.

144 spectra have been collected by 8 observers for a total of 159 hours of acquisition.

Here are the updated graphs, with one showing the distance (in speed) between the two peaks.

 Fainter Halpha emission now

 Hbeta emission is now gone

 HeI 6678 photospheric line shows a clear 2.6217 days stellar rotation period

Difference between the two peaks

 V+R show a clear decline

V/R variability over time with different "sequences"

V/R seems to show two periods (quick analysis)

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